Ruby Knox

It's rare that the swarthy Ruby Knox will cross the border, at least in a sexual sense. But this one time Ruby found a muscular gringo to her liking. Although he was as ethnically pure as the name "Smith," there was something international about him. The gringo reminded Ruby of all the tall in the saddle handsome vaquero's she used to admire in Mexican movies. And then when he quoted lines from the Cisco Kid, Ruby knew she had made the right choice. The gringo treated Ruby's fuck box like the Valley of the Yaqui, and that was something she liked as well. Ruby doesn't hear from him any more, but that one time was enough to warrant Ruby re-telling her story to the point of nausea.

Sochee Mala and Elena Rivera

It is often said that once you take the taxi ride to Juarez you never want to come back. For the dalliance of love and the glissando of whispered sweet nothings, Sochee Mala, a sucker for brief intervals of romance, tried it. One night there in a festival of wild partying, Sochee met the second prize winner in a Sal Mineo lookalike contest. They were quickly attracted and had sex. His name was Hector but he told Sochee to call him Sal. Sochee wanted to bring Sal home to meet her mother. Except Sal told her once you taker the taxi ride out of Juarez you never want to come back and so graciously declined the invitation. They still email one another, however.

Alana Leigh

Our lovely girl Alana certainly knows how to keep one step ahead of the law. She adopted some WASP last name like Leigh, a gringo boy toy with muscles, trims her unruly pussy on a regular basis and stays out of cantina knife fights. While Raoul Castro once said you can take the girl out of the Chica Boom, but you can't take the Chica Boom out of the girl, we beg to differ. Alana has stayed out of trouble for the most part. That is, if you discount the one time she was held as a material witness in the Pacoima gang stabbing. Otherwise Alana minds to her own affairs, ingests liberal dosages of chipotle and assumes the position when guys want to become familiar with her butt cheeks. To this day she remains a sweet Chicano kid with a sense of accommodation.

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