Monica Raiders

Jack Lawrence in his porn profession has passed himself off as a cop, a fireman, a gladiator, a G.I., and now, to impress the sultry Monica Raiders, a Mexican. This is no bullshit. Lawrence carries a makeup bag with him and a glue-on Cantinflas mustache for the purposes of changing his complexion and nationality on a whim. Jack will do just about anything to get ass. He even tried being sincere one time, and that went over like a wetback keynote speaker at a Republicans for McCain rally. Give him this, Jack is persistent. And he must have whittled Monica's resistance to an aw fuck, let's get this over with submission on her part. That ass crack of hers speaks volumes for persistence.

Jesica Andrada

Back in her day as a youthful teen, Jesica Andrada would inhale a couple of shots of Tequila then dress provocatively and wiggle her Mexicali ass in front of the agate-eyed foundry workers in her village. Never knowing that one day she'd be dating one of them. While other women will opt for more upscale events in their lives, Jesica's content to hear stories about slave wages and workers strikes. In fact tales such as these are often likely to turn her own. And just as these pics were snapped, Jesica heard about the five peasants, the shotgun and the cruel, blue-jawed border guard. It made her drip. As would most village women we might imagine.

Silvana Ricci

Silvana Ricci used to sport enough pussy hair to stuff a queen-sized mattress. But the day she decided to shave it all off, is the day Silvana became a very popular young lady in the barrio. Now she's beating all those other pendejos in the neighborhood off with a night stick. Even though she can have her choice of men, Silvana still prefers guys with moist accents, brown eyes, blue bandanas and police blotters. And her affections can be very lavishly extended as you can see here. Tickle her fancy, and Silvanna will tickle the head of Mr. Pancho in return, knocking his sombrero off with those exotic cock sucking lips of hers.

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